What is BE-Pro?

BE-Pro is the place for learning, sharing and professional growth for everyone involved in running bicycle events. It began in 2001 as a networking conference for new and experienced event promoters and has expanded to include this website and an e-newsletter, with the aim of helping promoters put on high-quality bicycle events.

Find out more!

The BE-Pro website has resources to help promoters get started or build their events. You’ll find articles about all aspects of bicycle event management and links to suppliers. The conference is now shifting to an every other year schedule.

What can BE-Pro offer you?

Our monthly e-newsletter delivers tips for developing and marketing your ride. Keep on top of the latest with the event directors newsletter. Sign up here.

If you have questions, contact Bob Mack or Tracy Corral at CycleCA@cyclecalifornia.com, or call (toll free) (888) 292-5323