Event Planning Articles

New to the bicycle event game? Here are some articles to help you get started

Four tips for staying in your audience’s mind

You run a bike ride to make money for your bike club or charity. There’s a lot of competition for bike riders’ attention. So how do you rise above all the other events that might be vying for the same riders? Read more here

Getting media coverage for your event

Although it takes some work to get a media outreach program up and running, the long-term benefits can be great and will help make your event successful going into the future. Read more here

Choosing an online registration company

Picking an online registration company? Here are five questions to be answered. Read more here. Read more here

Event social media marketing

As an event promoter you have to keep communicating with your past riders, fans, and future participants. One of the best ways to do this is to post regularly on social media... Read more here

Taking Care of Your Sponsors

You worked to recruit big name sponsors for your century ride and they donated money and in-kind products. How do you thank these businesses that backed your event with their hard-earned prestige? Read more here

Start planning that bike event

If you’re not sure where to begin, start with bite-sized chunks -- particularly if you’re a part-time or volunteer event coordinator. Read more here

Finding, care of, and feeding volunteers

Each year at the annual BE-Pro conference for bike event professionals, participants would ask about how to find volunteers. This seemed to be a tough nut to crack particularly for new bicycle events.

Some events are run by bike clubs that have tons of people willing and able to help out before and during the event. Service clubs Read more here